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Areas of Practice


Technical Direction

TECHNICAL DIRECTION – Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can design your event and get to the nuts and bolts later. How many trucks will need to unload to support your vision? How much electricity should there be? How much labor? What’s a realistic schedule? If you understand these pieces early in the process, you can integrate them into the concept, to create efficiencies that will make your entire event easy. We can help you to that understanding, and we can oversee and execute all technical aspects on site.

BAckstage Decor and Hospitality

BACKSTAGE DECOR AND HOSPITALITY – Hospitality with flair. We can create a dressing room space that will make even the fussiest of artists feel special. Using our talented design crew and hospitality manager, we can fill the rider and transform any space into a lovely place for your artist to relax and get ready for a great show.


Labor and Union Management

LABOR AND UNION MANAGEMENT – Union stagehand contracts may appear to be set in stone. But even within the parameters of a set contract, there’s plenty of room for negotiating different  structures – if you know what they are, and what approaches are useful for what purposes. By understanding the unified needs of your event, we can negotiate from the outset a union crew structure that works uniquely for your needs. You won’t get pushed into staffing that doesn’t help you accomplish your event. This can save you many thousands of dollars. And although the stagehand union may seem intimidating, we have years of established relationships and techniques that allow us to get, by far, the best value for your labor dollar. We can guarantee you get top-quality hands, with positive and enthusiastic attitudes. We can negotiate the best deal for you up front, and see to it that you get the best service on site. Taylor Street Production is your best asset in dealing with the IATSE.

Artist Liaison

ARTIST LIAISON – We talk to bands. A lot. We put dozens of bands on stage every year. We know what parts of their contract they’re flexible on, and what parts are worth putting your resources into. We know how to create an environment that makes them comfortable, so they can be happy on site and give their best performances. And we know how to talk to agents and managers to get you the best value for your money. Even in a set deal, there’s plenty of room to save or waste money – we know where to look, and because we understand your event’s unified needs, we know how to present it to artists and their representatives.

Production Consultation

PRODUCTION CONSULTATION – We’re experienced at taking visions and growing them into effective productions. And we can work with you at any stage of an event. We can come in at the start to help you develop your ideas in creative and practical ways, or we can join you during the process to keep your vision on track. The sooner we get involved, the more creativity and the more efficiencies we can offer you… but it’s never too late to take a look at the big picture.

CAD Design

CAD DESIGN – We can provide full in-house CAD services to support your event from the design stage to the event’s execution. This is one of the most important parts of a unified event. Because we know the implications of all the pieces, we can use the CAD layouts to track potential problems, where a vendor or an in-house employee of yours working solely on CADs might not see all the significance of what they’re laying out.