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Making it work for you, since 2004.

Because event production isn’t just talent, budgets, permits, lighting, decor, and all the other pieces. It’s making those those pieces fit together.

An event is a unified whole. Every piece affects every other piece. No matter how good your vendors, each vendor can only be responsible for their own work. You need someone to bring the big picture into focus – to weigh your event’s overall needs against the needs of each of its pieces. At Taylor Street Production, we make it all balance. Whether that requires balancing technical needs and priorities, or informal mediation among various stakeholders, we’re there to smooth the rough edges and to create a flawless experience… from the beginning of the production… to the end of the event.

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Berkeley, CA



Event Production


Concert Production

Where it all began. We started our careers on the frontlines of live rock production. We've put on thousands of concerts, in every possible setting. We know what headlining artists have to have, and what they don't really need. We'll give your patrons a smooth experience through the day. There's nothing we know better, through every piece and at every level.


Special Events

The fanciest – done flawlessly. Whether it’s the SF Symphony’s Black & White Ball; a private 16th-birthday party featuring Hanson; or a top-end charity auction raising $6 million in an evening, we’ve been there and produced that. We can make sure that when your guests enter, everything looks perfect, and you can focus on enjoying your party, not on putting your party on.

Promotional Events

You support the brand – We support you. As a marketing agency, you need to be able to spend your energy supporting your client, not figuring out electrical needs or negotiating with the stagehand union. But you also need to be the face of the event for the client, and we respect that. Taylor Street Production has years of experience producing events for agencies for major brands including Nike, Radio Shack, HP, and more. We understand what you need to show your client, and we understand what’s important in your event. We’re here to create a friction-free production for you and to stay out of the spotlight, so you can enjoy your client enjoying a flawless event.




Since our first Run Hit Remix tour for Nike in 2005, we put on dozens of Nike running events from coast to coast, and we produced the Finish and Course for the legendary Nike Women's Marathon SF through its final year in 2015. And we've produced the Finish Festival and course entertainment for San Francisco's iconic Bay to Breakers since 2014. Building a site for runners is totally different than creating a space for partiers or concertgoers - even after the race, it's all based on flowthrough. We can make it work and keep your runners happy and refreshed.



Creating, yet not possessing.
Working, yet not taking credit.
The work is done, then forgotten.
Therefore it lasts forever.
— The Tao Te Ching